About Us


Kash Development is a renowned sales training, development, and consulting firm.  It is our mission to develop your sales team into a high performing, efficient, and ever improving sales force.  We couple our 30+ years of experience with constant research, innovation, and new strategies to improve our clients’ sales teams, processes, and profits.

We have an international client base, ranging in size from family owned to Fortune 500.  We have experience working in scores of verticals, with thousands of salespeople, and produce quantified results.


Help our clients achieve their goals.  Kash Development builds relationships with companies through understanding each client’s corporate vision and company culture.  Each relationship we have is catered to best fit our client’s needs – not just “shoehorn” a company into a generic program or canned/off the shelf class.

We look forward to discussing your vision, goals, and unique challenges that you wish to conquer. CONTACT US NOW!

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