Sales Leadership Training

Do your sales leaders and managers have the right tools and skills to get your team to the top?

  • Accountability: To Activity, Numbers, Pipeline, with No Excuses
  • Coaching: Mentoring, Providing Support, Debriefing Deals
  • Motivation: Goal setting, Recognition, Compensation
  • Recruiting: Hiring, Upgrading, and Replacing
  • Strategy: Planning the “What to do”
  • Tactics: The “How to” Accomplish
  • Leadership: Taking people where they don’t want to go on their own

Effective Sales Management is critical for success. It includes diverse and dynamic skills to generate results through the sales people’s efforts. In addition to skills, effective sales management includes the ability to encourage, challenge, question, and engage each sales person on the team. Excellent sales managers motivate the sales team to want more, be committed to their individual success, and provide prospective and insight, while continually offering support and lessons.

You probably already know that the average tenure for a sales manager today is less 3 years.  In case you are wondering why it’s so short, here are a few statistics that point to turnover in this position for which the sales manager is responsible:

  • 91% of sales organizations lack a formal structured sales process. The result: Lack of direction evidenced by inconsistency, lack of accountability, and missed forecasts
  • 74% of all sales people don’t know how to sell consultatively. The result: Sales calls turn into a “pitch”  of features and benefits leading to quoting non-qualified deals & bloated pipelines
  • 71% of front line sales managers have never been trained as sales managers. The result: Lack of skills and abilities to help their direct reports improve prospecting, qualifying, and closing

We’re dedicated to the science of sales management and best practices to develop and produce top performing sales organizations.  At Kash Development, we’re passionate about implementing the foundation of successful sales management and leadership: installing planning, implementing key performance indicators, developing process and skills, compensation, coaching, and hiring sales talent.  When properly applied and implemented, companies can get the most out of their sales teams and maximize the potential of their people.

If the management of your Sales Force is not achieving the consistent results you require, this is your call to action.

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