Sales Recruiting

Sales Recruiting


Sales recruiting is not like recruiting a football player to play at a major university in Texas, Alabama, or Florida. You do not have:

  • A stable of 80 young, mold-able people dying to “get on the field” with 25 more anxiously waiting to join next year
  • Red Shirts – The luxury of having an employee “sit out” a year and develop without contributing to your business
  • A pipeline feeding you its best candidates who are dying to become part of your team
  • Alumni of your organization with deep pockets helping you recruit
  • Time to patiently rebuild your organization
  • The patience to put an unproductive employee on “scholarship” (that’s your money)

Here’s what you DO have:

  • Pressure to make a successful hire
  • Pressure to ensure your new hire is productive
  • Pressure to increase revenue
  • Pressure to retain your top performers


The challenge of hiring anyone is hard enough. Recruiting and hiring “A” players takes more effort, skill and science than ever.

It takes a scientifically proven process to do it right.

Consider this: what is the true cost of a “bad hire?” It is estimated that it is 3-5 times the first year salary/base and benefits. Why does this keep happening, over & over in companies?

Let’s examine recruiting in most companies – Interviewers make at least 3 major mistakes:

1. They make hasty decisions. They need to fill a position “immediately.” They have no “recruiting plan” in place, and probably haven’t been successfully trained in recruiting or interviewing. During the process they get “out interviewed and sold” by the candidate. They make their hasty decision relying on their “instincts,” and trust their gut to guide them.

2. They hire someone they “like” vs. someone who fits the profile of the position including one who has the necessary skills, strengths and background to be successful. It’s been estimated that 60% of interviewers have no training in interviewing.

3. They do not use any screening assessments so they do not objectively know the candidates strengths, skills, weaknesses, and potential for growth, fit with your job profile. The result? Companies find out many of these things 3 months after the candidate is hired—and it’s time for another “do over.”

The Kash Development team is experts in recruiting world-class sales people who will outperform your requirements.

We work with clients to develop a sales recruiting plan that helps you specifically profile the characteristics, skills, and intangibles that your ideal candidate must and should have to be considered. We will assist in locating both proactive and non-active candidates that fit the experience and profile that you demand.

We will objectively assess all candidates to determine their skills, ability, strengths and weaknesses, and fitness to perform your job at a high level; in short are they qualified to continue in the interviewing process. We utilize the best assessment tools that are EEOC compliant, have predictive validity, and are customizable for each of your sales positions. We also provide interviewing assistance and coaching for phone screening, personal interviewing, compensation, offers, and on boarding new hires.

What makes us different? We know sales, sales management and what it takes to be a successful top producer in those positions! We only focus on candidates who have the abilities to meet the demands of your unique position. We consistently attract top talent and qualified candidates. Our process will scientifically screen, assess, and quantify a candidate’s sales abilities. We utilize proven techniques & Best practices interviewing qualified candidates. We will assist you in hiring, training, developing, and completing the on-boarding process for your new hire.

Kash Development customizes the hiring process to each of your positions, ensuring the highest quality candidates from which to make your hire.

Remember, “A’s” hire “A’s”…”B’s” hire “C’s“.

If you have made an unsuccessful hires in the past, and you’re finally committed to doing something about it – this is your call to action.

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