Sales Force Effectiveness


If you are like most owners or senior managers, when you have time to reflect on your organization you may be puzzled and ask yourself some very deliberate and important questions that are searching for the “right answers”.

  • My sales performance/revenue is lagging, why is this happening and what can I do about it?
  • How effective is my sales management – What real impact are they having?
  • We need to accelerate growth – What must we do differently?
  • Our strategy and/or business model is changing – Who can successfully make the transition?
  • When we lose business to competitors – What is the real reason? Is it our product/pricing, our strategy or our People?
  • Are our people capable of selling our products/services at higher margins? What has to change?
  • Can our sales people more effectively compete against the industry giants? What will it take?
  • If our top sales person resigned today, what would we have to do to replace him/her? Do we have the right recruiting process and criteria in place?
  • Do we have the Right Core of sales people around which we can build?
  • Why does the sales pipeline always look full, yet very little seems to move or come out as a deal? How can I forecast business?
  • How can we hire and develop people stronger than those we have now?​

If you are asking yourself these questions, we at Kash Development will be objective, help identify the real issues, and provide solid solutions that make sound business sense.

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