Pipeline Sales Management


Do you really understand how many Prospects and how many dollars you need in your pipeline to meet your company’s income goals?

Do you have a process which includes milestones or key steps that are used for helping to qualify/disqualify opportunities as they pass through the appropriate steps in your process?

Do you have frustrations with the current inaccuracy or undependable information with the pipeline?

Do you ever ask yourself:

  • Why do big deals evaporate at the end of each month?
  • Why does the number of sales proposals languish in the pipeline, month-in and month-out?
  • Why does everything have a “high probability” yet there is significant pipeline “bloat”?
  • Why do we waste valuable time regurgitating the same information monthly, rather than making the right decisions?
  • Why do we lose deals that we should have won?
  • Why does it seem that we miss new opportunities because our reps fail to follow up at critical events?
  • Why do our sales people spend excessive time trying to maintain small deals with prospects that have no growth potential?
  • Why don’t we know what key sales opportunities are being decided at any point in time?

If these are questions you are wrestling with and not sure what to do to fix it, let Kash Development help you develop the process and tools to create a pipeline that has quality, quantity, movement, and balance so that you can consistently achieve your sales forecast.

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