What happens to your business when the PPP money runs out?

Are you prepared, or are you behind in your business & sales structure re-positioning?

Week 8 into the crisis. We all know the numbers, bad news and struggles repeated hourly on all the news outlets. We are in a crisis with no immediate end in sight.

Your business is not front-page news…so it’s up to YOU to have a plan to DRIVE THE MOST BUSINESS moving thru this period and beyond.

Why now? According to an article by Joe Galvan of Vistage published in Top Sales magazine May issue:

  • 44% of CEO’s said revenues are down by as much as 25%
  • 21% of CEO’s have seen revenues down between 25-75%
  • 6% have seen revenues collapse by 75%
  • 25% report no change or slight improvement in revenues

Obviously, there is NO TIME TO WASTE!  NOW is the time to plan for your company’s REPOSITIONING…with STRUCTURAL CHANGES.

As a Business Owner, President or CEO, it starts with FIXING your Sales Infrastructure. The question is: “What will create GREATER SALES EFFICIENCY? WHAT can I do to compete and which salespeople can sell more, in a more competitive environment that will REQUIRE more Sales Hunting, Better Qualifying, Value Selling (not just price) , Consultative selling  and a HIGHER % of Deal Closing?

It is time for a Viability Analysis of your current Sales Team to objectively determine:

  • Headcount reduction—who to “re-deploy’ considering expenses, revenue, ability. How much can we save and how much potential does our remaining salesforce have?
  • Who is a Performer…and who can “battle” through this crisis, both short term and beyond?
  • Who has the critical tactical Sales Skills for moving business forward?
  • How viable is each person’s Pipeline?
  • Who has additional revenue potential?

NOW is the time to play OFFENSE!

YOU are not alone!

WE can help you with your company Viability Analysis. It is objective, accurate, unbiased and very affordable.

To see how this work, just click this link.

You will be taken to a short video and be able to see a sample report.

NOW is the time to act before the PPP money runs out and you are no further ahead of where you need to be.

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