Coaching & Leadership: How to make in impact

COACHING & LEADERSHIP is about clear communication.

Precise communication is the fuel that propels the plans, strategies and tactics into the real world where theory meets reality.

The more you know about your people the more effective you’ll be when coaching and motivating them, dealing with conflict and roadblocks, understanding who needs constant supervision, who is a self-starter, achieving goals and reducing stress..

Good coaching makes good sales people. Great coaching can inspire greatness in our people. The foundation to great coaching is consistency.  Being consistent means monitoring our people’s performance so we can:

  • Manage consequences and behave the same way in similar circumstance
  • Praise good performance
  • Redirect less than standard performance
  • Provide positive consequences
  • Provide negative consequences
  • Be noticed-not avoiding or not assisting

Coaching Principles 

Your effectiveness depends heavily on your credibility among the sales staff and you undermine your credibility when you are indecisive.

  • We will work together to achieve our business plan.
  • We will satisfy our customers’ requirements.
  • We treat everyone with honesty, dignity and respect.
  • We establish and maintain high expectations and recognize performance.
  • We lead by example.
  • We practice teamwork.
  • We strive for open communications.
  • We adhere to our company’s policies.
  • We encourage personal and career development.
  • We strive to be consistent in our response to performance.
  • We strive to be clear and straightforward in our interactions with others.
  • We are clear and precise about what attitudes and behaviors are acceptable.
  • We are “zealous” about promptly giving and getting feedback and updates.


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