It’s Trade Show Season: Come Back with Prospects, Not Just Leads

Remember this? Long days…sore feet…tired back. Sound like your typical trade show?

To make the show worthwhile, you’ve got to put in the effort (And track your results). What better place to talk to and meet scores of current users and potential users of your product or service.

Here are some basics for the booth:

  • The goal is to draw people to the booth – stop them in the aisle
  • Separate suspects from prospects
  • Get information to qualify suspects from prospects
  • Know what to do/next step with a prospect
  • Don’t just “scan” their I.D. badge, find out why they’re there, what they do, what they’re looking for
  • “Move Along” non-qualified suspects
  • Qualifying at the Booth:
    • Are they truly “in the market” for what you sell?
    • Do they have a “true” project?
    • Is it funded?
    • Decision Process? Who is involved in the process? Will they be at the show? (Get name)
    • Time schedule?
    • What information do they want?
      • What do they need?
      • What are their priorities?
    • How do you follow up? (Get Commitments)

Approach them (Don’t ask “May I Help you?” It usually get’s the “I’m just looking” response). Instead, ASK:

  1. What brings you to the show? (Get them to talk)
  2. Would it be OK to ask a few questions? (To help qualify)
    • Do you currently use ________?
    • Would new ___________ be of any interest to you? (If yes, give BRIEF 25 word commercial)
    • Usually we find that people who are interested in ________ have experience some problems or concerns with their ___________. Is that the case with you? (Determine if there is a compelling reason to continue the conversation). Engage them…ask questions if there is a fit.
  3. Close for the Next Step
    • How would we follow up? What do you see as a next step? (Get commitment)
      • Follow up immediately with prospects
      • Literature doesn’t sell products. Most get thrown away…at the show (Studies indicate as high as 75% is tossed). Use literature as a follow up.
      • Set a goal prior to the show for the number of prospects you want.
      • Have your follow up plan in place before the show

The GOAL is to come back from the show with Prospects…Not Lead Cards!!

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