Positive Self-Talk: Attitude and Empowering Beliefs

Attitude and Empowering Beliefs

The keys to success in sales

It begins with developing the potential within us by first creating the right outlook to help achieve the right outcomes. The way we internalize and see ourselves, being in sales and developing desire and commitment, makes us better, stronger and successful. We’ve listed some of our favorite Empowering Beliefs and affirmations…to help you become more aware of the positive choices at your disposal.

  •  I am very successful at selling. I enjoy selling and I enjoy the many rewards which my success brings to my life.
  • I begin each day with a clear mind and a specific plan to get the most from my time and my effort. Each day I follow my plan. Because I do, I reach my goals.
  • I see every day as a new opportunity to create more sales and more success in my life.
  • I review my goals every morning, and I keep them clearly pictured in my mind.
  • I never let problems stop me. I take action, I keep moving and everyday I follow my plan.
  • I never make excuses or spend time thinking about why something cannot be done.
  • People benefit from the sales I make. When I create more sales for myself, I create more benefits for others.
  • I always reach or beat the sales goals I set.
  • I recognize, each day, that there is an unlimited potential in front of me.
  • I never put off making a call.
  • Every success I create starts with the action I take.
  • I alone am responsible for what I think – so I keep my attitude up, and my objectives in front of me.
  • I never let “No” stand in my way. I can handle No’s.
  • I have respect for others, and they have respect for me. I regard everyone I meet as being important to me. I create a feel of trust and respect quickly and easily with people.
  • I make more sales because I strongly and systematically qualify prospects and opportunities and close more sales.
  • Each time I read or hear these words, and visualize their meaning in my mind, I improve my selling skills and create a winning sales attitude.

Now, highlight the beliefs you want; act on them; take control of your attitude and outlook!

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