What will you Improve As Sales Manager in 2018?

Sales Manager’s Corner:

What will you Improve in Your Role as Sales Manager in 2018

















The start of 2018 gives us time to pause and reflect on how we can improve in our role as Sales Manager / Sales Leader. Here is a list of questions that beg to be answered…completely and honestly in terms of your personal improvement.


  1. How does your company compare to other high performing organizations?


  1. What areas are you good at and what areas do you really need to work on?


  1. How effectively has the company been achieving its goals?


  1. Where do you stand (at this point in time) versus what needs to be achieved in your 2018 plan?


  1. What are the real changes that you must implement to succeed?


  1. What are the real reasons for your previous successes or failures?


  1. How do you plan to compete in the future; by being: better, faster or smarter? Other?


  1. If you examine the key components for company growth; do they center around: strategy, people or process?


  1. Your Sales and Management teams are two of the most visible images of your company, “what message do you think they are sending your customers?” “What messages do they send to your internal people?” “Is it good enough?” If not, what MUST change?


  1. What motivates you to make the tough people decisions?


  1. Many things drive the successful Sales Manager, but we’ve determined a few that are very important:

Outlook – your beliefs & attitude

Desire – your passion for success

Commitment – your drive to do “whatever it takes”

            People Development: Coaching, Motivating; Accountability; Recruiting top talent


What are your thoughts on each and how do you translate and inspire your sales people in each area? What will you do in the coming year to raise expectations in each area?


What are you committed to do to personally impact change and growth for yourself, your organization and with each salesperson?

Remember the words of a philosopher, “It takes less time to do a thing right than it does to explain why you did it wrong”.

Contact us to engage in how to improve in your role as Sales Manager in 2018.


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