Buying Or Selling??

Are you trying to convince your prospects about what you’re selling or are they convincing you that they really need and want what you have?  Selling, in the traditional sense, endorses using features and benefits to “sell” the product.  The problem is that too often the prospect has no interest in what is being sold.  Not only is this a waste of time for the salesperson, but also for the prospect.

Kash Development Corp  professes an entirely different and consultative approach to the selling process.  We believe that people prefer to “buy” rather than “be sold to” and that they buy for their own reasons not ours!

Following this theory, we learn that prospects first need to have a reason or “motive” in mind in order to have an interest in any product or service.  A salesperson’s first job in the selling process is discovering that “motive.”  Without “motive” or “reason to change”, it is unlikely that a sale will be made.

Amateur salespeople go out and make a lot of presentations and then use various “closing techniques” to try and close the sale.  They often waste time following up on people that have no interest or “motive” to buy.

The “professional” salesperson operates differently.  They would rather walk away from someone who has no “motive” than waste time by trying to sell them.   Additionally, the salesperson builds credibility in the prospect’s mind when he/she is willing to simply walk away rather than try and sell them something that they really can’t benefit from.  Now the salesperson is viewed as a professional and potential partner, not just someone whose job it is to sell!

Is your sales team full of amateurs or professionals?  The only way to find out is through our sales force evaluation.

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