Do you “Own the Owner”?

“Own the Owner”

What’s necessary and even mandatory to win sales today?

You MUST “OWN” the “OWNER!”

It means…. We MUST know the “OWNER” of the project, the “owner” program, the “owner” of the decision…the “owner” of the expenditure—in order to get approval and implement your solution.

We need to understand & know: “What do “Owners” want…AND What do YOU need to do toOWN the OWNER?”

  • Owners want ideas & input to challenge them and make them think.
  • Owners want you the sales person to expand their perspectives on what it takes to run their operation/department…more successfully.
  • “Owners”: prefer to work with ‘experts” or specialists…and…people who know their business…their issues and their challenges.
  • Owners want RESULTS that your product or services deliver to them. (Your product or service is only a “tool” to help the “owner” get results they want.)
  • Owners want to hear about:
  • Operational efficiency
  • Better & faster response time
  • ROI
  • Improved safety
  • Added Value to their business
  • Increased results
  • Owners want to be challenged, NOT with your features & benefits…but with
  • “Good questions” that engage them.
  • “Great questions” that make them think
  • “Tough questions” that they can’t answer, because they are looking for the “truth” and see YOU, as being unafraid, transparent and different to help them get to the “truth” to help their business.

In essence, it is about the conversation that the “Owner” (of the project, assignment, finances, implementation, business) …WANTS to have!

“Owning the Owner” is about having the mindset and personal presence to “gain agreement” early on in the process; gain agreement on the points that matter; be the “person” with great active listening skills…that they want to talk to; and be the one that stands out & who possesses the candid ability to connect all  the “dots.”  They want to work with the person who clearly helps the “Owner” go from “hoping;” to understanding; to knowing; to believing.



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