Sales Manager’s Corner: The Buck Stops Here

Sales Manager’s Corner




Harry Truman coined this phrase to let everyone know who was in charge and that he would take action and be accountable.  As Sales Managers the “Buck Stops Here” lets your people know you’re in charge and you set the expectations for them to follow.  Analyze your situation to see if the “Buck Stops…” or if your sales people are “Passing the Buck”?

Take this quick, self-assessment to find out. Answer (honestly) each of these statements with a YES or NO:

  1. Sales targets/goals achieved
  2. We know where business is coming from and can be forecasted
  3. My salespeople regularly sell value, not just price
  4. We’re doing a good job of regularly prospecting new accounts
  5. We immediately and effectively deal with under-performers
  6. I spend time debriefing major calls and coaching my salespeople
  7. I continuously recruit to avoid being forced to hire a “Warm body”
  8. We have a sales plan in place which is monitored and updated regularly
  9. My people know how to qualify accounts properly
  10. My people know how to “close” business in a timely manner
  11. My sales people get referrals and introductions
  12. My people structure their calls to meet with actual decision makers
  13. I can motivate and effectively deal with multiple types of sales people

So where does the BUCK STOP? If you find it not stopping with you, or you’re unsure – call usMake it a priority.  Until then, pick one area to work on each week to improve.


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