Getting back “on plan” by the end of Q2

Getting back “on plan” by the end of Q2

The month of June closes out Quarter 2. If you are “ahead of plan” …great! What will you do & commit to stay ahead?

What if you are behind plan…???

June/Q2 end  for many sales people is like the “2 minutes drill in football”…an executable “winning and scoring plan “ must be implemented…before the “Clock runs out.”

Here is a template to help get a “2-minute plan” for June so you can “retire” your Q2 sales plan.









Q2-June 2017 Progress & ACTIVITY report


Company June 2017
Goals and objectives Actions Results
– Review what you proposed as your strategy & action plan for 2017 & This Quarter:

What have you done, what needs to be done?










·                List 3-4 actions and dates for those needed activities ·        Report progress by 6/16 & 6/30
$$$ Pipeline Assistance
– Where are your numbers: this quarter to date & year to date?

Qtr. to date

Year to date


– What is the status of your pipeline? What will close in June?


What help/coaching do you need—on each deal-be specific-deal status; what was the last discussion/agreement/next step(s)?


June Activity “Re-focus” List Top 10-15 New Prospects Accounts on “life support” to “close the file” or prune in pipeline
-Looking at current accounts: whom did you target & did they purchase something or is there a deal in the works? What else must be done before the end of the quarter?


Looking at prospects: What MUST be done before end of June?


Contacting “dormant” or past accounts?














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