Sales Champions Top 10 Characteristics

Sales Champions Top 10 Characteristics

In today’s fast paced, time sensitive competitive sales world, key sales performers keep focused on what is important & what they can control-PERIOD.

 In our study of “Sales Champions” which we define as the TOP 7-10% they have “razor sharp focus” on continuous personal improvement and an increasing commitment to results.

Here are those TOP 10 :

1. They have Clear Written Goals and follow their goal plan: They are COMMITTED to Success

2. They are masters of Time Management and setting Priorities

3. They consistently follow their Sales Process and Milestones throughout the buyer’s journey

4. They manage their sales Pipeline: They know each opportunity; Customer; when the deal started; key players; steps in the process; next steps; dates for follow up and objectives for the next call

5. They have an in-depth knowledge of the Industry and their Industry Competitors-to intimately know competitor strengths/weaknesses/vulnerabilities in order to translate THEIR value and “out sell” competition

6. They understand finance & business math: P&L; Cost of internal issues of a customer; cost of product ownership of new or replacement product/ROI/Financing options; cost of money

7. They understand Productivity for themselves: They have a Plan and an Objective for every call, both on the phone & in person. They pre-plan for every call from both the customers Point of View and theirs. They anticipate questions, objections and roadblocks IN ADVANCE. They know what has to be asked and discovered and they never leave a meeting without a clear cut, defined next step.

8. They ASK for what they want—NO FEAR—they take action.

9. They take care of their customer (They realize, if they don’t—someone else will).

10. They practice Continuous Self and Skill Improvement. They realize that there is no 2nd place in sales-only first place. They realize that in today’s sales world THEY ARE THE VALUE in the sales transaction.

If you are a serious sales person or Sales Manager looking to achieve more and become a true sales champion, Give us a call to discuss how we might help you, “close the gaps.” 630-560-3614

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