How NOT to Recruit for Top Sales Talent!

It’s a fact: Most companies really “Struggle” to hire good salespeople! There are definite reasons, and we’ll share what they are doing wrong (which results in high turnover) and huge time and financial drains.

Here are the major problems:

  1. Sales leaders start recruiting when someone leaves & there is a vacancy. This creates tremendous pressure to “fill” a territory or market niche. The result…they resort to “SATISFICING” …They “sacrifice” what they want to “satisfy” a need.”
  2. The current labor shortages…creates internal panic and this forces hiring managers to “ditch or lower” their selection criteria.
  3. They cut corners…they overlook…what they really want…. they rush and have not Identified the actual PROFILE of the position. They don’t develop a profile that states what it takes to succeed in the position…skills, strengths, Sales DNA, length of sales cycle, prospecting skills, qualifying, and closing skills, etc. They just rush and hire a candidate (a warm body) they kind of liked. They choose the “least worst” candidate.
  4. Sales leaders hang in too long with a bad hire. WHY? Two reasons: 1. They don’t want to admit the mistake. 2. They don’t want to go through this “Wild West” time consuming & frustrating crazy process again.

What Should They Do INSTEAD- to hire the Best Salespeople?

  1. Define your Candidate Profile. What does this position specifically call for to achieve success? What MUST be improved to meet current requirements? It is like creating a “bullseye” for the MUST HAVE’S and SHOULD HAVES’s of the position…that that candidate possess. THIS IS THE MOST CRITICAL STEP IN THE PROCESS!
  2. Identify the Recruitment method for the sales position. Will you do it “internally?” If so, will you prepare want ads that fully describe the position? Will you outsource Recruitment to a Recruiting Specialist or Headhunter? Which method will attract a quality pool of candidates?
  3. How will you evaluate them? Do you use an objective tool that is predictable? (Click here for a free trial of the #1 Sales Assessment in the world).
  4. Are the candidates qualified by telephone interview?
  5. Do you meet candidates in person (or virtually) for interviews? Are interviewers trained and know what questions to ask?
  6. Making an offer and “Selling the Position” to the finalists
  7. On board & integrate the new hire in your culture, processes, and position. Coach & establish metrics, track activities, work through challenges so your new hire achieves the required targets & results

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