“I’ll Do Whatever It Takes! As Long as It’s Convenient for Me…” The Commitment to Sales Success

***We asked our intern, since he is returning to school soon, to summarize one characteristic or quality that he learned during his summer here at our sales consulting firm***

“I’ll Do Whatever It Takes! As Long as It’s Convenient for Me…”

The Commitment to Sales Success


It is very easy for someone to say, “I want to be the best” but actions tend to speak louder than words. Do they actually do what it takes to be the best? Or are they just saying this?

 Commitment to sales success is the willingness to do whatever it takes in order to succeed. It is much more than just doing the bare minimum to coast along. This also does not necessarily mean having a good work ethic and a strong desire either. Just because you show up on time and want to succeed, it does not necessarily mean you have the commitment to do what it takes. Sales people with a strong desire want to be the best, gain recognition, and to get paid a lot of money, but if they have a weak commitment, they will not do the actions necessary for these results. These actions can be anything from prospecting, asking difficult or tough questions, pushing back (respectfully) against a client, and qualifying. Some salespeople tend to quit when some of these things get too “tough” or uncomfortable while the top performers will keep pushing because they know what it takes to succeed.


Why is this important?

Commitment to sales success has become the single most important factor in determining a sales person’s true potential and their future results. In sales, many say they have the commitment to succeed but, in reality, majority of sales people lack this. Even going back a few years, Objective Management Group found that most salespeople, especially the bottom 74%, will not do whatever it takes to succeed. But why is this so important now?

The Objective Management Group states there are a variety of reasons why the importance of commitment has changed over the years. Some of these include:

  • More competition for less business
  • More difficult to reach decision makers
  • Selling has become a lot more sophisticated
  • There is more resistance than ever before
  • Prospects are generally more skeptical
  • Prospects are placing more pressure on price
  • Companies are pressuring salespeople to sell value
  • There is more pressure to perform without effective coaching to support it

In a profession that demands persistence and dedication, it is vital for a good sales person to have the commitment to succeed, in addition to the desire and work ethic. Since my internship at Kash Development is ending and I will be returning to school for my last semester, this concept of commitment will be a lasting remembrance for not only seeking a job, but to also being a success in my future career.

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