2018 4th Quarter: Time to Close Business!

As the Sales Leader, what has your team accomplished Year to Date in 2018 and what is required in Q4? It is critical to have a realistic, actionable, defined plan for the remainder of 2018 to ensure your sales people exceed their sales goals.  This is the time for action and total execution of your plans, process, and people’s efforts.

The first 3 quarters of 2018 are HISTORY! It’s time to Look & Move—Forward! But first as Sales Leader, it’s time for a “short” Accountability Review 2018 Year to Date Results by each sales person and a specific plan for Q4.

The individual sales review/plan should be conducted individually by each sales person. Your review should last no more than 60 minutes or so and should be presented to management & the entire sales team. The key is preparation and knowing THEIR business, accounts and action plans.

Have each sales person have a summary hand out prepared in advance for all attendees so your review can be followed and commented on.

The Highlights should include:

2018 Year to Date summary:

  • Quarter 1,2 & 3 Actual Results vs. plan (2018)
  • Existing account results vs. plan
  • New accounts acquired and results vs. plan
  • Quarter 1,2 & 3 Actual Results vs. last year (2017 vs. 2018)

Your next 3 months (Q4) 2018:

Detailed Pipeline review:

Each deal in each stage: What is the strategy to move them forward; what are the specific next steps; what will close in Q4- Oct. Nov. Dec. (can it be forecasted?) Which deals must be “removed/pruned” because they are dead or not happening in Q4?

  • What is the urgency and compelling reason to move forward THIS YEAR?
  • Which accounts have money (remaining) to spend in Q4? Are we sure? Who has control and decision approval? Are we speaking with them?
  • $ sales/margin projection for Q4 based on the Pipeline review
  • What help might you need to advance or close these accounts from anyone internally?

Q4 Sales Activity/Action Plans: Specific & measurable improvements/activity?

  • Each Sales person: How will you stay “ahead”? OR: How will you specifically “catch up if you are behind in 2018?


    1.  Existing Accounts: existing business growth plans-what else can we offer to help them improve their business? Do they have any new locations we can get introduced in to?
    2. Dormant Accounts-any past accounts we should be calling on?
    3. Targets: New Accounts- Targets/contacts-prospecting plans
    4. Activity Plan: What is your plan for prospecting existing accounts; new business/new opportunities?
    5. KPI’s…  Progress on phone calling activity, meetings, quotes; closed deals; Trade Shows leads & follow up, other “pro-active” activity, etc.

As Sales Manager/Sales Leader: Questions you need to consider and answer:


  • What are the real changes that you must implement in Q4 to succeed in 2018 and in to 2019?
  • What are the real reasons for your success or failure in Q1-Q3 of 2018?
  • Are YOU motivated to make the tough people decisions heading in to the last quarter of 2018 and UPGRADE your sales team & replace under-performers in Q1 of 2019?
  • Do you have a “Recruiting Plan” in place to immediately take action to replace mediocre and under-performing sales people?
  • What are you committed to do to personally impact change and growth for yourself, your organization and with each salesperson as you head in to Q4 of 2018 and begin planning for 2019?


Management Responsibility Lesson #1: “Delay is the Deadliest Form of Denial”


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