Overcoming Prospect “Delays, Misunderstandings, Misinterpretations and Closing Delays”

In a world of procrastinators, there always appear to be delays or excuses (often times in the summer, prospects tell salespeople that they’ll address something after they’re back from vacation). These delays are frequent as holidays (like Labor Day) approach, as it is convenient for the prospect to procrastinate, “with the holiday approaching…” 

Here’s a quick, effective way to help move deals forward and overcome prospect delays.


This is a brief, but purposeful correspondence. Used as a summary of agreed to “next steps and expectations” of BOTH parties. It sets the stage as a reminder for what will happen, and since it is written, it “memorializes” your joint understandings!

It is simple but effective. It contains the “moving forward” expectations in “Bullet-points.” It has date specific deadlines or agreements…so the process DOES NOT GET STALLED!

It works extremely well in advance as an agreement of your next meeting/step in the process. It reminds them of their commitment to the “next step(s.)”


Here is a brief recap and our understanding of today’s meeting and our agreed to next steps.

  • The problems of: A, B, C which impacts___ and  causes _____ are costing you $____.
  • You mentioned that you see yourself investing $X to $Y to fix this problem.
  • In addition to yourself, Ms.___ and Mr.___ who are involved in the final decision will be at our next meeting.
  • Last (but not least) the agreed to date for our meeting is (date.)

(Their first name) If I missed anything, of if you’d like to add anything, please let me know.


Your name

Result: You can “control” many steps of the sales process and help eliminate “procrastination” and misunderstandings while gaining agreed to commitments, with the “As We Agreed To” letter/email.

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