Planning for 2022: A roadmap for Success

Okay-you’re “rolling your eyes” and thinking: Is it really that time of the year again?”

It doesn’t have to be that way. We see this as the roadmap for 2022 Success. If done right, it can be a catalyst for motivation, clarity, and results. We’ll share with you our Sales Planning process and introduce you to a few components you wish you included in the past to help exceed your Sales and Margin numbers.

There are five components which includes internal & external analysis. We will present these to you in a series of steps so you can have clarity into the plan and next steps for implementation & execution.

  1. Building a Winning Plan with your Sales Management people
  2. Plans for Evaluating Your Current Sales staff
  3. Plans for Recruiting New or Additional Sales Talent
  4. Plans for Accountability & Consistency in Monthly Results
  5. Plans for review, updates, and course corrections in reporting Results

STEP ONE: Building a Winning Plan with Sales Management

  1. Identify Sales Goals- specific and inclusive of products, categories, Channels, and customers
  2. Break out by Quarter:                    Q1         Q2          Q3          Q4
  3. Break out by Customer
  4. Break out by Products or Services
  5. Sales Objectives in the business plan-clarify specifics that relate to sales performance or sales tactics that will be required. Examples: Penetration of market segment; new sales channels to penetrate; new customers to target & win; Key Accounts Plans: “A” & “B” accounts

List KEY Sales Objectives. Communicate with individual salespeople as their part will be to help define their strategies and tactics for achievement:

  • Objective:
  • Objective:
  • Objective:
  • Objective
  • Objective

SWOT ANALYSIS: Strengths; Weaknesses; Opportunities; Threats

  1. Summarize Existing Sales Performance
  2. Historical Performance (Pre-Covid & Post Covid-2 years)
  3. This year performance (Plan vs. Actual)
  4. Reasons for this year’s performance Example: Landed new major account or business partner; Implemented “new” sales strategy; Major customer lost or acquired by larger company; etc.
  • Develop Primary Action Plans for 2022
  • Review Sales Goals & Sales Objectives-with the Salespeople
  • Develop Salespeople individual Territory & Account plans-with the salespeople
  • Develop Key Account Plans with the Salespeople
  • Develop new account plans with the salespeople
  • Establish Measurements, Monitoring & Reporting weekly (CRM/Meetings/Field visits, etc.)
  • Develop Quarterly Sales Planning Reviews for 2022
  • Develop and write a one-page Executive Summary to include in the Plan
  • Present the Plan to Management/Ownership/Board
  • Make changes/updates to finalize the 2022 Sales Plan and share with Salespeople for implementation

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