Planning for 2022: A roadmap for Success: STEP #2-Evaluating your Current Sales Staff

As part of planning and developing your 2022 Sales Plan-Step #2 out of five is Evaluating your Current Sales Staff.

Ask yourself:

  1. Will my current team get us where we need to go in 2022?”
  2. Are my salespeople prepared, trained and skilled to effectively Prospect, Qualify, and Close business to achieve quota with both existing and new accounts?

    Fact: Just under 50% of sales reps can achieve sales quota in “normal times”, and that number has dropped significantly “Post Pandemic.” Depending on the business and industry is it is hovering around upper 30’s to low 40’s%.

Questions YOU must know the ANSWERS to when developing your Business & Sales Plans for 2022
Do you know: Are my Salespeople effective:
1) Working remotely part time or more
2) Using & embracing technology
3) Getting enough appointments & meetings when prospecting
4) Selling consultatively-building rapport & understanding customer challenges
5) Selling value and not allowing your prices to erode
6) Qualifying opportunities by asking the good, tough questions
7) Getting to decision makers who make commitments
8) Managing their pipeline correctly, moving deals in & out consistently

Do you have the right sales talent to succeed moving forward in 2022?

Find out by taking this free Sales Organization Grader.

It takes only 5 minutes of your time to find out, so you can build a better foundation for 2022 sales success!

 In case you missed “STEP ONE” in developing your 2022 Sales Plan Series, here’s the link to our previous blog.

Any questions? Contact us for Business & Sales Planning for 2022. We will ask the right questions you need to find the right answers for 2022 success.

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