Successfully Hiring Salespeople for 2022: Getting it Right vs. Getting it “Over With”

Recruiting, Screening, Selecting and Retaining Outstanding Salespeople has been identified as the #1 Sales management issue facing companies in 2022!

First, Some Facts & Considerations:

  • Average Sales Turnover is now 34% and, in some industries, and companies it is much higher.
  • Cost of turnover is 1.5 times compensation. If average comp is $95,000 that’s a cost of $142,000 per slot that turns over!
  • Fewer than 50% of Salespeople will hit quota this year. Is it because of the Pandemic? Try again. It’s been that way for years!
  • Do you know what hidden strengths and weaknesses each candidate has before you interview and hire?

Using the RIGHT Pre-Hire Sales Assessment tool: The Objective Management Group: Sales Candidate Assessment.

  • OMG’s assessment was created, designed, and built SPECIFICALLY for Sales, while Personality and Behavioral tests were “adapted” for sales. Adapted means they identified traits/styles that “can or may” impact sales.
  • OMG’s Sales Assessment Tool has been voted the TOP Sales Assessment for 11 consecutive years!
  • OMG’s Assessment is customizable, validated, incredibly accurate and predictive of sales success for any sales role for which you are hiring.
  • OMG has assessed over 2.2 million salespeople and 37,000 companies worldwide. Use their data, not “gut feel”

Get your Sales Recruiting RIGHT. Try the Objective Management Group ASSESSMENT for FREE on one of your real-life sales candidates. Here’s the link for the free trial of the assessment.

Have questions? Need assistance for recruiting, sales development, or Sales management? Just contact us.

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