Pricing Issues & How to Handle the “Too Expensive Objection”

It is Too expensive

1.      As compared to?

2.      How do you mean?

3.      In relation to?

4.      Tell me why do you say that?

I have had a better offer

 1.      Tell me about it.

2.      How do you feel about that offer?

3.      What exactly have you been offered?

4.      What is included in that offer?

5.      What product(s) is that?

6.      Out of interest, why didn’t you accept that offer?

7.      What concerns you about that offer?

8.  Given that you know we can’t get down to that price, what are you looking for in terms of quality, service and reliability?

9.  If we were both the same price what would be the advantage to you in going with us?

10. You know that Quality is remembered long after price has been forgotten. And quality and reliability is going to be vital in this selection. Does our solution meet all your criteria, and will you be comfortable moving forward?


We often create our own price objections.

They can’t object to price until you make an offer.

Most sales people make offers to soon.

Most people sell in a way that drives them to price.

Setting up the sales and controlling the call to find out what is more important than price is the strategy we must consider & utilize.

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