Accountability or Excuse Making?

What will you accept; when “Results are on the line?”

Excuse making is: A plea or explanation offered in defense of one’s conduct

 Excuse Making: A release from obligation, duty, etc.   ………A “pretended” reason for conduct

“Every excuse that is made & allowed—there are multiple negative forces at work behind the excuse.”

➢Given to keep from accepting RESPONSIBILITY

 ➢Made to project blame to someone else.

➢Used to procrastinate

 ➢Used to overcome inadequacy or incompetency

➢Used so as not to face FEAR of criticism for failure

 ➢Used to stay in “comfort zones” & from taking risks or “stretching”

Our job as Sales Leader or Sales Coach is to NOT accept excuses!

If you accept excuses (or “buy in to them”) you will give them the “green light” …to continue and give you more excuses. More excuses equal less accountably and less RESULTS!

Your Role is to be Excuse Eliminator: Eliminate ALL excuses! Let your sales people know that “mistakes” can & do happen. It’s okay. If they learn from them. However, EXCUSES for lack of responsibility or accountability are no longer acceptable.

Management Insight: “Changes Don’t Happen Until Excuse Making Stops”

You must be “pro-active” in your quest to stop excuses within your sales team!

What has been the impact of excuses in your team?

  • Determine the “Effect and or Outcomes”
  • Determine How much that has COST you?
  • Accept YOUR responsibility…for putting up with excuses!

We believe each sales department MUST BE “An Excuse Free Zone.”


1. “If you couldn’t USE that Excuse…what would you do differently?”

 2. “If that wasn’t the case (or true) …what would……?”

You must do this, every day, every time you hear an excuse! Every day, every time!!! No OPTION Behavior.

Soon your sales people will learn to change their response & behavior…since you no longer accept/tolerate EXCUSES!

The outcome for this change is personal accountability & responsibility.

Management Insight: “Accountability and Responsibility are tandem cousins of personal reliability & control.”

The Result: You will create “An Excuse Free Sales environment.”

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