Professional Sports are back! What parallels exist between the preparation of sports organizations and your business?

Professional Sports are back! While some sports are facing larger hiccups and hurdles than others, they’ve all spent tremendous time preparing for this moment – not just on the field, court, or ice – but in the front offices, as well.

What parallels exist between the preparation of sports organizations and your business?

Danny Wirtz, Vice-Chairman of Breakthru Beverage Group (former CEO of Wirtz Beverage) and Interim-President of the Chicago Blackhawks was interviewed this week by NBCSports Chicago, and he shared intel about how the team, and his family’s companies plan and analyze their own organizations for today and the future.

Has your organization had these types of meetings yet? Have you implemented the changes necessary?

“We’re in a digital world, where information is happening very fast. And how brands and teams and organizations react to this sort of fast changing world…all the factors were in play before the pandemic and I think that this moment accelerated so many of those trends,” Wirtz said.

He continued, “This video conference, we may have seen this 5 years down the road – that we’d all be digitally connected thru video conference – well it moved up to our doorstep today. Just that alone shows that this pace of change, this movement, is happening – and it gave us a great chance to assess during this pandemic to look at coming out of the pandemic, which I think we’ll be in a while – what kind of world will we be in? How does our organization fit in that? It kind of was a perfect time to do that assessment.”

In regards to structure:

Wirtz said, “Form follows function. You really have to do the work to understand what we need to do and where we need to go and then that gets to how you end up doing it. If that’s with 5 presidents or 2 presidents or 1 King or whatever it might be – I think that’s the end result of the work we’re doing right now: What are the areas of focus for the organization? Where are we going to go? And ultimately what type of leadership structure do we need to get there?

“We obviously value having strong, accountable leadership…we’re very humble about hiring much smarter people around us to do the things that they do well. We, as a family, provide the vision of where we want to go and what are the expectations to deliver and then, hold folks accountable to delivering that for us.”


Have you analyzed YOUR company and its needs? Have you implemented changes (the execution is the difficult part).

Not sure where to start?  

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Just as professional sports teams and well-planned businesses are assessing all aspects of their organization, EVERY company needs to have re-defined their “post pandemic” vision, plan, and structure to accelerate performance. 

If you have not yet done this, do not delay any further – Set an appointment now to ensure your organization is aligned for success for the road ahead.

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