The BRUTAL facts of Sales.

As the leader you are looking again to “crunch the numbers,” to determine “where you’ll end up” versus that original January budget number. For many companies, it is the same number! To many others, it is time to “reboot” your sales team in this quarter and hopefully upgrade and hire new talent.

In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins states: “you must face the brutal facts to enable yourself to plan on how to move forward.”

To move forward, leaders must know what are the current skills of my existing salespeople and what are the gaps? Also, they need to know, who must be “re-deployed?”

Many CEO’s, Presidents and GM’s do not want to conduct any type of Objective Sales Department Audit or Sales Skills Gap because they are faced with brutal sales facts.

These are the brutal facts:

  1. Your past recruitment efforts suck and have been unproductive (which you unfortunately know.)
  2. Your new hire on-boarding program is poor, or haphazard.
  3. Your sales leadership skills are lacking or not consistently applied.
  4. Your sales team have a lack of the right skills and sales DNA to sell effectively in these changing times.

Leaders: You need to hit and exceed revenue targets. Are you willing to seek honest, help, supported with data and science to face the brutal facts?

The outside world and market forces may have changed, beyond your control. As the leader, the thing that matters is what is within your control. Face the brutal facts so you can make good decisions on what you know.  Do not guess; do not assume; do not make it a democracy of opinions.

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