The #1 Unknown advantage you’re giving your competitors and what to do about it

Many organizations are completely frustrated because the “crisis” has clearly pointed out and magnified the weaknesses of some of their salespeople. Their sales peoples’ “skill gaps” compared to “Critical Skills” REQUIRED to Accelerate Sales Growth in this more competitive market are woeful.

The Unknown Advantage you’re giving your competitors:

Many companies are scratching and clawing for every dollar right now, and ignoring the massive advantage they’re giving the competition…a weak sales team that does not have the ability to sell consultatively or sell value. Prior to the pandemic, companies could “get away” with having a mediocre sales team and survive.  Today, a mediocre sales team could put a company out of business.

Companies have the choice: go on offense (add strong sales talent that will bring new business) or go on defense (protect what we have and do everything we have to keep it). What will your organization do?

There’s good news:

The good news is that the tide has turned in the recruiting space.  The past 4 years was the most difficult time to recruit a strong salesperson in history! Here are some positive statistics for employers:

  • 8 million salespeople are currently unemployed or furloughed (and looking for a new position)…the supply is large
  • The average time to make a hire has decreased almost 350%
  • Applications are UP nearly 600% per sales position nationally

There’s challenging news, too:

There are 8 million salespeople available, selling is harder than ever, and you cannot afford to make a hiring mistake!

How can you effectively determine who Can and Will sell out of all the available candidates? (Just because they “sold” during the good-times of the last several years, does not mean they will be able to sell in today’s ultra-competitive, different, and even remote selling environment).

Facts About Interviewing:

Traditional interviewing practices are not effective with sales candidates, because they are experts at building rapport and bonding (and if they have a pulse, they should be able to sell themselves). They are more skilled at interviewing than you are and they know how to get you to like them.

  • Traditional interviewing is only 14% accurate.
  •  90% of all hiring decisions are made from the interview.
  • The candidate is better prepared at interviewing than you are (Not only are they good at Bonding & Rapport, they’ve watched countless “how to” interviews on YouTube.) 
  • The cost of a hiring mistake is 3x the annual compensation of a new hire .
  • According to Topgrading, 75% of new hires replacing old hires are no better than the person being replaced! 


More Sales applicants are available and ACTIVELY looking.

This includes all types of salespeople, High achievers, mediocre sales people and under-performers.

Based on data and statistics from Objective Management Group, we know that 6% of salespeople are ELITE; 17% are Above average; 27% are serviceable; and 50% are terrible.

Since there are currently so many job-seekers, you must effectively and efficiently qualify and disqualify the candidates.

We use the Objective Management Group Sales Assessments because they are the only assessments on the market that have predictive validity for salespeople.  These assessments are followed by a disciplined approach for initial interviews – consistent scorecards and question templates.

The OMG Sales Assessment has been used by over 30,000 companies, evaluating over 1.9 million sales people worldwide.

It is sales and role specific; EEOC complaint; validated and proven. It determines Selling Competencies: Hunting; Qualifying; Selling Value; Relationship Building; Closing and much more…including Sales DNA.

OMG’s Sales Assessment has been named the TOP sales assessment 5 years in a row!

Try a free sample on one of your actual candidates:

Click here for a free sample of the world’s #1 Sales Assessment from Objective Management Group.


Is it the time to analyze your sales staff headcount based on science…not yesterday’s results?

·        What is the “realignment ROI” to get you through this crisis?

·        Do current capabilities match the new requirements?

·        Does sales role realignment save cash and “how much?”

This is an inexpensive tool based which uses sales science and validated predictive findings, along with your customized overhead variables.

To learn more, click here for more information about the “Smart Sizing Tool”. You’ll see a short video and more information.

We’ve literally “written the manual” on sales candidate recruiting, interviewing, selection, and hiring & On-boarding!

Just need to have a discussion? Call us today at: 630-560- 3614 or click on this link to set up an appointment.

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