Responses to the Top 3 Most Common Objections/Stalls during the Pandemic

To everyone that participated in our survey last, we want to thank you.

We have taken your TOP 3 most common stalls/objections and created appropriate responses for each of the Top 3.

The real reason to be able to handle these is to keep the conversation moving & not get stuck, or worse, PANIC because we were not ready or prepared.

Selling and interacting is changing in this environment. It is not just about your product or service (and attempting to “close”) …it is about understanding and keeping the conversation & relationship OPEN!

To handle the objection or stall well, each response has 2 parts:

  1. An acknowledgement of the question or statement (so we can show the prospect we are listening and most importantly to lower their resistance).
  2. A response or question to get the prospect talking and communicating in order to have the prospect “open up.”

The goal is to keep the customer/prospect talking and engaged and participating…so that we can have a great conversation (short-term) and lower their resistance.

Objection #1 “We’re putting on the brakes.”

Acknowledge: “I’ve been hearing that a lot lately.”

Then, Response 1: “(Their Name), Are you just “pumping the brakes” (which means things are slowing down) or are you putting on the brakes to completely wait until this thing is over?” “If you are just pumping the brakes or were not putting on the brakes, what would we be talking about? Or what would you be considering?”

Response 2: “Let’s say you follow the rest of the industry…and Let’s say it’s 45 days from now, and this thing is winding down…what would we be talking about?” (relative to your product or service) How would that help you (and your _______?)

Objection #2 
“We need to see what the next 30-45 days look like.”
Acknowledge: “That makes sense.”

Response: “What do you see happening at the end of 45 days?” (PAUSE) “Will you be doing the same (volume, amount of business, etc.) as now or before the pandemic – what will it look like?” (PAUSE-let them answer.) What challenges will remain that need attention?

Objection #3 “We’re deferring purchases until this is over.”   Acknowledge: “I understand.”  

Then,   Response 1: “If you weren’t deferring purchases, what issues or problems you’re facing would we be talking about?” (PAUSE – let them answer) “As this thing winds down, what would be your priority regarding (fill in the blanks with your business)?”  

Response 2: “What is your personal frustration with this directive?” (let them respond. Engage with them…. Then ask a question.) ((Their name) if this were up to you, what would you be doing regarding… (fill in the blank with what they said they need.)

It is all salespeople’s responsibility to improve their ability and remove the “hard sell” and lower resistance in their sales communication with prospect and customers.   We cannot always control what they are going to say; however, we can control our response!   Thank you, again, for your participation.  

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