Owners & Presidents: The difficult survival issue to address

The issue? Your business viability and survival are at risk.

Today’s Jobless claims five-week total is roughly 26.5 million and it is a greater stretch of job losses than the Recession of 2008-09. This is the recession on steroids.

As Owner or President—you must get ahead of this! Forget the past 2-3 years results when your salespeople were basically “taking orders” as money was abundant and customers were buying! Business was good-even great.

YOU will want to survive what is happening:

  • Most companies will not be spending as they did
  • They will say: Purchases are “price based or cost plus.”
  • You will be pushed as never before…and your salespeople will want to ‘give it away.”
  • Performance expectations will be lowered.

This is nothing you asked for or even anticipated!

YOU will need a clear path to navigate forward, after you do some “belt tightening,” initial cost & expense cutting, and cutting “overhead positions.”

YOU will be faced with evaluating your sales staff, to determine who can & will adapt to the “new normal,” and who will not! In short, who will succeed and who will NOT get you & your business to where you must go?

Remember, just because someone was “good” during the previous market, doesn’t mean they’ll be successful in this new “work from home” era.

It is the time to analyze your sales staff headcount—not yesterday’s results (because good sales can hide a lot of sales weaknesses.)

CEO’s Presidents and Owners must know:

  • What is the “realignment ROI” to get you through this crisis?
  • Do current sales capabilities match the new sales requirements?
  • Where are the sales skills gap compared to the critical skills required to accelerate growth?
  • Does sales role realignment save cash and “how much?”

Our partner, Objective Management Group has created a Smart-Sizing tool that is a must for these uncertain times.

If you need to right-size your sales organization and want to consider more than revenue and overhead into the equation, OMG’s Smart-Sizing tool will recommend who to retain based on the results of our Viability Analysis which takes into account:

  • Viability Analysis-Which salespeople are not part of your short-term future?
  • Savings and Opportunity Analysis– How much will you save; how much potential does your salesforce have?
  • Role Analysis-What is the ideal role for each salesperson?
  • Pipeline Analysis– How viable is the pipeline?

This is an inexpensive tool based which uses sales science and validated predictive findings, along with your customized overhead variables.

To learn more, click on this link.

Any questions, please call us at 630-560-3614

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