Problems you can solve in advance of the Economy “Re-opening”

In this crisis, you have one small luxury…to take some time to determine what is working and not working today, so you can structure the company you need when this crisis “winds down.”

Fact: If you do not intentionally CREATE a Sales structure that works coming out of this Covid crisis, you will accidentally have one that does not.

Evidence: The crisis magnifies your team’s sales weaknesses.

Evidence: The crisis ‘shines a light” on mediocre sales performance.

Evidence: Decisions about sales, processes, and people must be made that address and fix gaps & weaknesses to better compete

A few Questions to ask & answer:

  • Revenue TODAY vs. Desired Revenue. Where do you stand (at this point in time) versus where you wanted to be in your 2020 plan?
  • Pipeline and Forecast: is it reliable? What needs to happen? Why isn’t it?
  • Sales Leadership (Note: take your feelings out of the equation) Is it effectively and efficiently (Coaching, Motivating, and Holding Accountable) each salesperson?
  • Your Sales and Management teams are two of the most visible images of your company, “what messages do you think they are sending your customers?”  “Is it good enough?” If not, what MUST change?


  1. Describe the problem(s) holding you back or interfering with the sales team’s performance. Also, clearly define: what are your expectations moving forward as the economy “opens up?”
  2. DEFINE the REAL problem(s).
  3. What should be the Solutions.

As the CEO or President of your company, that definition sums up the embodiment of what is necessary for business growth. So, what do you do, and how do you do this…objectively and with the focus and clarity you must have to transform your business?

In terms of solving frustrations, issues and problems, you as the Leader, also have the ability to not only identify problems but also the ability to investigate the problem & root cause; create optionsevaluate solutions and activate an action plan to address virtually any situation.

Kash Development has worked in over 50 industries of all sizes over the past 25 years. We have helped countless businesses address their specific needs and helped put them on a path to better results.

We’ve available to help you with your organizational challenges. We promise we will be honest, open and objective.

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