Sales Manager’s Corner: Accept Accountability Not Excuses

As a Sales Manager, your job is to get results through your salespeople. However, in lieu of results, many salespeople explain why they didn’t, couldn’t, or wouldn’t get it done. They have a self-limiting belief that excuses release them from their obligations or duties. Consequently, excuses are offered in defense of their marginal behavioral or performance.

Excuses…How are they used??

  • To Keep from accepting Responsibility
  • To Project Blame
  • To Procrastinate
  • To Deceive Ourselves so We Don’t Face Criticism
  • To Cover or Mask Incompetency
  • To Keep From Taking Measured Risks, Getting Out of Comfort Zones and Being Creative
  • To Complain, Express Entitlement or Permission

Are you tired of excuses?
What should you do?

STOP accepting any excuses, of any kind, from anyone, at anytime, for any reason!!

Again…STOP accepting any excuses, of any kind, from anyone, at anytime, for any reason!!

Raise your expectations and your salespeoples’ expectations by asking “If you couldn’t use that excuse what would you have done differently to overcome that obstacle and get the prospect’s business?”

This empowers your salespeople causing them to dig deeper, work harder or smarter knowing you won’t accept that excuse any longer. It forces salespeople to bear that responsibility and accountability of the situation.

Make your Sales Department an Excuse-Environment…and you’ll see an immediate change for the better in their performance.

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