Where are your people spending their time??

Once the goals are in placeaccountability for time is the next critical component. 

Where are your salespeople spending their time?

Let’s answer that question by asking you…

what are your expectations? Remember Prime Time (hours we can contact customers). What activities should they be focusing first?

KEY IDEA: Time Management and Sales Priorities
  • What types of activities will give your salesperson the greatest return for time spent? List the activities. Also, what ____% should they spend per week on this category? $$$
  • What activities will give them the least benefit for the time invested? List all these activities. What _____% should they spend per week on this category? (-)
  • What can you recommend gaining a more favorable Balance of Activities? (How do you increase payoff activities (prime time) and at the same time reduce lower payoff activities? What would you suggest?
  • Remember the adage: Sales is NOT a 40-hour job!!!
  • How will you monitor this… software, point system, pipeline management, weekly scheduled meetings, one on one coaching sessions, etc.

Sales Manager, Your Challenge: List the Specifics & EXPECTATIONS you want your salespeople to achieve:

PERFORMANCE GOALS: Sales & margin; New business/new accounts captured


  • Prospecting:
  • Product Knowledge:
  • Time management:
  • Customer Contact:
  • Prospect Contact (Appointments/Qualifying/Commitments/proposals, etc.)

Pipeline Management: Review & Coaching Opportunity:   # new deals/progress; Current Customers- deals/next steps/pruning poor deals, etc. Business To CLOSE!

When you employ this process, you should not be surprised by their success…the only surprise is if they don’t do it…and you allow it!

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