Sales Manager’s Corner: How to Get the Most from Sales Training

Sales Manager’s Corner: How to Get the Most from Sales Training

Good training will accomplish three goals: First, it will teach skills that develop efficient work habits (behavior). Second, it will form positive attitudes that promote healthy self-esteem and belief systems. Third, it will build salespeople’s knowledge of techniques which will allow for qualifying, closing and developing relationships.

Get the most out of your Sales Training.
Let salespeople know what you expect of them.
Let them know you are willing to help.
Give positive recognition for skills learned and results achieved.
Track activity and results.
Keep salespeople informed on how to help each other. Provide an environment that allows people to break through comfort zones, take calculated risks, and tolerate failure (if there is learning).Don’t assume everyone learns at the same pace.

Be patient: some skills may require multiple demonstrations to be learned.Don’t expect everything to work the first time. Just because it looks easy, it may not. We all find certain skills difficult to learn or master.Don’t assume everyone will continue to practice a skill or strategy. Re-enforcement is needed. It’s an on-going process.Don’t believe a salesperson knows how because they have prior experience. They may have inherited bad habits or incorrect methods that need to change.Don’t expect perfection too soon. It takes time to develop good skills and habits. Be patient
and supportive. Don’t ridicule salespeople for making mistakes. We’ve all learned that mistakes become learning experiences. Some mistakes have been our greatest “teachers”.

Remember learning takes place in small steps. Focus on results, with gradual improvements. Make immediate feedback (pro’s & con’s) the norm.

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