The Sales team: Being Better than Average

The Sales team: Being Better than Average

The key to becoming better than average is to “Raise Your Expectations and your Sales Peoples Expectations. Next hold people accountable. To accomplish this there are a few key elements to drive home to help make this a reality.

Watch the numbers

The single best predictor of sales success is individual pipeline reviews.

1. What new accounts are they calling on (getting appointments?)
2. Is there a real opportunity discovered after they meet?
3. Did they qualify the account properly? Example:

 Quote for the decision maker?

 Decision upon quoting?

 Will it be profitable/acceptable?

 No potential headaches?

 Funding Exists?

 Customer knows the price range?

 Dissatisfied with current vendor?

 Will leave incumbent vendor?

 Timeframe is appropriate?

 We have a solution?

 Competitive issues handled?

4. Can we FORECAST this business (close-able?)

To raise expectations and help your people be more accountable follow the process on a regular basis (weekly?) Remember, the pipeline is the single most predictor for sales success!

Remember: Activity without results is useless!
AXIOM: “Don’t listen to what they say…watch and inspect what they do!”

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