Keeping the pipeline full: “ Back to Basics”

Keeping the pipeline full: “ Back to Basics”

Most poor sales months can be traced back to a lack of activity, especially in new business generation with the cause being…lack of consistent calling as part of your prospecting plan. If your business is slow…you need to step up and increase you calling efforts! No matter how many emails, e-brochures, letters or line cards you send out, it
still gets back to basics…making calls! There is no mystery to it.

You must also track and measure your effectiveness and results in calling.

Dials 100 200 400
Contacts 30 60 120
Appointments 15 30 60
Proposals 9 18 36
Sales 5 10 20

Sales$ $25K $50K $100K

If you don’t know your KPI’s or metrics (ratios) it will always be a challenge to get better. Start to day; track and measure your activities and results. You’ll know where to increase, what you need to improve on and what will be necessary to write more business. This is why it is said, “SALES IS A NUMBERS GAME”.

Do you know your numbers and how to keep the pipeline full?

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