Sales Winners Are Made, Not Born

“Sales Winners Are Made, Not Born”

Ever hear the phrase, “Natural born Salesperson”?  We all have.  What does it mean? I’d be hard pressed to identify that person.  If you’re thinking of someone with a terrific personality, good joke teller, life of the party…think again.  Sales winners are those professionals who continually do the things on a consistent basis that all the others won’t or can’t do.  Sales winners continually are improving, learning and remaking themselves and their skills.

To win and to grow as sales professionals, we’d like to touch on just a few “attributes” that seem to be consistent among top sales professionals.

It takes desire – a passion for sales and winning in a competitive environment.

  1. Commitment – a willingness to do whatever it takes…no matter what.
  2. Winners understand you never get used to rejection- they deal with it and keep going.
  3. Winners don’t compare themselves to others – they create their own vision and plan…and execute…and modify as necessary.
  4. Winners know that life will give you what you are willing to focus on…and fight for.
  5. The world will not stop and wait…winners know they have to make it happen…every day.
  6. Winners don’t invest in discouragement.  They learn from every situation and improve or change.
  7. Winners keep their priorities straight.  They refuse to get “sucked in” to time wasters and dead end opportunities. They know what their time is worth.
  8. Winners don’t compromise their integrity; they build trust, deliver, and play by rules.
  9. Winners understand the concept of growth and improvement – in skills, in attitude, in relationships and in themselves.  They continue to excel not only for what they receive from sales – but also for what they become.
  10. Winners have fun! They enjoy what they do (and it shows!) and also have a great ability to laugh…at situations and themselves.

So, are salespeople born or made?  How about doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, technicians, programmers…You get the idea.  Sales and becoming a winner is what you make of it…and yourself.



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