3 Strategies to continually improve your organization

Having trouble with recruiting and retention?

Here are 3 quick tips to continually improving your organization:

How to really improve hiring: Raise your expectations!

What you do with what you know is critical. Do not settle for a mediocre sales force. It takes time, effort, commitment and a little investment to upgrade. But it is worth it.

Replace your underperformers and gradually improve your business and margins! On your very next hire make it a rule that you will only hire someone who is as good as your best sales person!

Continually Recruit

Recruiting is on-going! What is the worst thing that can happen? You create a “bench” of good candidates or hire one!

Recruiting Bottom Line:

In today’s marketplace, good sales candidates don’t last long. Therefore, you must act quickly. We believe in a two interview process.


We’ll want to learn about:  their work history, previous jobs, what they were responsible for, what they accomplished, what previous supervisors said about their performance, why they left each job, what they believe they are “good” at, what they don’t like or are “not good” at, how were they accountable, what are their career goals, money motivation and a few more “gems.”


If you have had issues in the past, in regards to hiring and recruiting and would like direction, let us teach you the best practices of sales recruiting.

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