The Challenges of Being “The Boss” Can Leave Your Company Stagnant

A Unique Set of Challenges: The Challenges of Being “The Boss” Can Leave Your Company Stagnant

Every day there is a new set of challenges for a business owner or upper level management executive.  You are tasked with doing what is best for the business – not just completing a defined, routine task.  Often times, you have no one to use as a sounding board for your ideas – or, more precisely, no one who will challenge your ideas.

Too many times, within a growing organization, employees are afraid to “Take the ball and run with it”.  They look to the founders for approval of their ideas.  Unfortunately, this takes up your most valuable asset – your time.  Instead of guiding the business to where it needs to go, you are helping other’s do their job.


Experience shows us that executives who have grown within the company, often times have a hard time breaking from past position’s responsibilities – or are too often willing to “chip in”.  As a result, they end up owning a task they never should have been involved with in the first place – and valuable time is lost.

As a company grows, executives need to hire more sales people to meet the growing demand of the market.  The executive organically becomes the sales manager (even though he/she never intended to be in that role).  Managing sales people and improving their performance is hard work.  It is a full time job, especially since the shift of becoming a “Sales Coach” is now the norm for the sales manager.  Weekly planning meetings, weekly review meetings, morning plans, daily wrap ups, and ride-alongs are just a few of the tasks of the Sales Coach…wait you still have to run your business on top of that?!?!  So you give your sales people a little bit of autonomy (to free up your time).  That makes sense (although internally, you know this won’t work).  Let’s just “check-in” biweekly.  Well, accountability is out the window!  So very quickly your staff has slipped to “mediocre”.  The business is still growing (so you tell yourself you are “OK” with their production).  But…what is the cost of their mediocrity?  Aside from sleepless nights, it is too high.  What does “too high” actually mean in terms of $$?

If you need help finding out what mediocrity is costing you- and how to turn those unrealized sales in to realized profits – we can show you how.

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