Attitude & Belief Systems

Is your team made up of go-getters who believe that nothing will hold them back? Or is your team made up of people who have the ability to only find why something won’t work?

What gives the go-getters this seemingly boundless energy to get the job done?
We have studied the need for Empowering Beliefs (enduring, constantly recurring, positive, and present) to be in CONTROL.

We reviewed several key elements to having Empowering beliefs!
1. It means being different…different in attitude, image, methods and results!
2. It means being persistent.
3. It means…having a mission: to sell with a singular focus.
4. Empowered Salespeople eliminate flattery (which looks insincere and makes them seem like “Mr. /Ms.” Nice guy” and a push over). They have an assured demeanor and presence. No need to be liked!
5. They don’t assume the biggest and best prospects are sold ONLY by certain competitors. (Who are some major competitors YOU haven’t sold? What will you DO to get them?)
6. They find SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS. They tell prospects “It costs $ to do nothing”…and then ask “WHY?” They are tenacious about fixing problems.
7. No is not No. They realize that real selling starts after the prospect says “NO”. They tell customers, “You need me BECAUSE I’m tenacious and don’t give up”
8. They “own” their customers…they constantly get repeat orders AND referrals from their customers.
9. They go the “extra mile” and do more than is expected.
10. They are accountable and accept responsibility…they do not make excuses.

Sales people with strong, confidence and Empowering Beliefs also have a CODE Of CONDUCT that they advocate and apply with their customers:

INTEGRITY is their most important asset…their word is their bond.

FOLLOW UP AND FOLLOW THROUGH They do what they say…they must, it’s their reputation. They are a decision maker in every instance/on every call!

ALWAYS BE PREPARED Customers expect it. It is unprofessional to be unprepared; under no circumstances is it acceptable. Prepared to control the call!

TACKLE PROBLEMS HEAD ON A prompt response is valued and helps continue to establish a long-term relationship. They don’t wimp or become a victim to prospect “games.” They confront when necessary.

ADMIT WHEN YOU ERRED Inform the customer about a mistake before he/she brings it to your attention. They face problems and are not prisoners to the problem.

NEVER HIDE BEHIND COMPANY POLICY This can antagonize people…always provide a good explanation. They do not exhibit FEAR.

AVOID BAD HABITS Demonstrate discipline, good behaviors and empowering beliefs. They hold themselves to a Higher Standard!

BE SINGLE MINDED Your single purpose is to qualify opportunities and then close business. Once that is accomplished, your single purpose is to service and profitably grow the business.

ALWAYS STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE This is the foundation to insure that success is imminent. They develop as sales professionals through Continuous Improvement and rewriting any remaining limiting beliefs.

BE TOTALLY COMMITTED There is no room for compromise.

Words = Beliefs = Patterns = Habits

Build good habits…one at a time.

• Hold yourself to a higher standard!
• Fix Your Limiting Beliefs
• Focus on Outcomes
• Rewrite Beliefs: a. In the Present b. “As if” they already exist
• Affirm your empowering beliefs daily
• Track Daily: Journal
• Work every day on improving habits
• Take ACTION instead of being stopped by FEAR

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