Sales bites….one sentence….to nourish your results!

Here are attendee comments from a recent training conference we conducted. These are one liner “gems” to implement from the sales development training.

NEVER do anything in sales (give a quote, do a demo, write a proposal, accept a meeting or invitation to do something) UNLESS you know: “WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?” …before you agree to do something AND you have to like their answer to that question!!!

Do the right behaviors at the right level of activity to achieve your personal income goals and everything else falls into place.

Ensure that “Urgency and Bravery” drive your behaviors; do the things that have to be done and do them now!

Ask great questions, listen carefully, and respond with genuine interest.

What you, the salesperson, think doesn’t matter. It’s all about the prospect.

Do not worry about outside factors that you cannot control….election, economy, etc. Focus on what YOU can control.

Ask questions to find problems and consequences.

Don’t assume, don’t presume. If you want to develop a recurring sales interaction, be consultative and be honest.

Some will, some won’t, so what – NEXT!

Confront your fears. Grow your comfort zone every day. If it makes you nervous, do it! You’ll be amazed at how comfortable you soon become at new behaviors.

Listen and learn. Pain and a compelling reason are keys to get the prospect emotionally engaged without which you cannot move forward.

Ask what your client’s biggest challenge is in selling their product or service, and set your mind on solving that problem, not selling them something.

Be persistent, be prepared, be passionate, persevere and create your own luck. 

Take (Massive) Action!

You cannot effectively propose a solution until you absolutely know what the real problem is.

Learn to get 3 things from your prospect:
1. Get them to admit to their problems in order of importance!
2. Get them to define the $$$ consequences of those problems on themselves and their company!
3. Get them specifically determine the impact of those problems now and in the future to themselves and their company.

Listen to the customer and help them come to a decision!

Remember, the one who is asking the questions is the one who is in control of the conversation.

Seek to understand before being understood.

The “Sales Bites”…highly actionable and impactful gems on doing things right! 

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