The Sales Candidate Reference Check

The Sales Candidate Reference check!

So, you’re ready to extend an offer to a sales candidate that has passed thru your hiring “gauntlet.” They closely match what is needed in the role that you are filling; you’ve tested them and they are viable and “passed” the assessment. You conducted good, well planned interviews, and the candidate has demonstrated competency. You’ve explained the job, the requirements; the goals & activity required; and what it takes to get hired …and fired (if things don’t work out.) And they understand the position & the commitment needed to be successful.

May be you do a background check and other housekeeping details (driving record, medical, etc.)So you’re almost done—now you want to check references. In fact the candidate may have gladly supplied you with references-WOW- how convenient (who is going to tell you anything you need to know from these “prepared” endorsers?) Let’s take it a step further-call the supplied references and also ask for a couple of former supervisors. Be prepared and ask GOOD questions to get a complete picture of the candidate’s sales aptitude, habits, and past results…and if they are as good as they say they are and… as good as you hope they are!

Here’s a list of questions to help in your reference checking:


Sales Candidate Reference Check List

Candidate __________________________________________________

Date ______________________

Reference name _________________________________________

Phone ________________________

What is your relationship to the candidate? ______________________________________________________________

  1. Confirmed employment dates: _____Y _____N     ____Unknown


  1. Confirmed that the candidate was employed in a sales role: _____Y _____ ____Unknown


  1. Candidate was effective finding new opportunities: _____Y _____N     ____Unknown


  1. Candidate was effective closing business: _____Y _____N     ____Unknown


  1. Candidate got along well with other employees: _____Y _____N     ____Unknown


  1. Candidate built quality relationships with clients/customers: _____Y _____N ____Unknown


  1. Candidate was a self-starter: _____Y _____N     ____Unknown


  1. Mgmt. had an effective strategy for holding candidate accountable: _____Y _____N     ____Unknown


  1. Candidate helped the company grow its business: _____Y _____N     ____Unknown


  1. Candidate ramped up to speed in an acceptable time frame: _____Y   _____N     ____Unknown


  1. If you were responsible for hiring, would s/he be eligible for rehire? _____Y _____N ____Unknown


  1. Would you recommend candidate for a similar position? _____Y _____N     ____Unknown


  1. Are there any additional comments you would like to add concerning –the candidate’s employment with your company (OR your experience with the candidate)?


-Provided by Kash Development and OMG

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