IF you replaced your Poorest Sales Performer…what could you afford to do to increase Sales Revenue?

On Jan17, 2021 Vistage released results from their “CEO Confidence Index Survey.”

CEO survey question: Did your sales team meet or exceed quota?

Answer: ONLY 33% met or exceeded quota!

Why so low?

In today’s COVID-19 Environment, since March 2020, Salespeople are happy to speak with anyone! It goes something like this: “Mr./Ms. Prospect, Thanks would it be okay if I sent you a quote?”

Note: No understanding the prospects business, no qualifying, no in-depth discussion of the prospect’s issues, concerns or compelling reasons to buy!

The RESULT: Chasing, chasing, NO SALE!

What can you do? Get rid of your worst sales performer…AND Invest in Sales Training…NOT a One Time Event which does not last!

You need to invest in Business Development Sales Training your people for TODAY’s Environment.                                                                                           Why?

  1. We are in a unique selling environment NOW. It is more competitive, more delayed decision making, more “decision makers” involved, and more commoditized markets! What might have worked in the past is no longer working during the Pandemic.
  2. Less and less customers are willing to meet in with salespeople.
  3. Traditional Prospecting techniques ae not only not working; they are being abandoned by salespeople who struggle with remote selling.

You need to focus on sales, weather it’s:
1. Keeping existing Accounts
2. Recapturing & Resurrecting past accounts
3. Acquiring new accounts or
4. Growing “wallet share” from current accounts.

The Problem: You don’t have time to improve your team and may not know the skills and tactics that work in this environment!

Your Team needs Professional Business Development Training. Here are a have’s few “must haves” for your consideration.

  • The training must be On-going and re-enforcement based. (One shot deals do not work. Attendees forget 80-90% of what they learn in just 3 days.)
  • Each attendee must get a personal sales assessment, which includes their sales skills, Sales DNA to recognize their strengths and development areas,
  • Various “prospecting techniques” to build & fill the pipeline…including “virtual selling.”
  • Creating messages that connect to extend sales conversations & provide opportunities.
  • A predictable sales path (process) to effectively qualify opportunities and close sales.
  • How to “differentiate your value” vs. selling on price.
  • Reaching Decision Makers-speak their language; be comfortable with even tough demanding prospects.
  • Managing and Eliminating Objections-tactical responses to create robust, compelling response.
  • Voicemail & Email tactics-detailed information on when, how & how often to leave effective VM and email messages.
  • Consultative Selling-asking smarter questions, more inclusive questions, active listening-all designed to have strong Discovery conversations &differentiate themselves from competition.
  • Deal/opportunity reviews of the pipeline-creating urgency and clear next steps
  • Instructors have a depth and breath of training experience, facilitation and “real world” sales coaching expertise.
  • Last, just image “how much better” they could be doing, with the proper instruction, discipline, and coaching?

So, it gets down to “Taking Ownership” of your current sales situation. It takes a Commitment & Decision to grow-faster & more profitability. We’re ready to help you and your team.

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