Kash Sales Brief: Time Management

Time is the salespersons #1 asset. It’s also a “depleting” asset. We can’t “recapture” time.

Insight: “You can’t manage time; you can only prioritize & manage your activities and what you do with your time.”

How we spend our time is most critical.

We’ll share 3 major components of Time/Asset Management.

1. Organization:

  • What activity needs to be planned & prioritized in order to reach your personal/sales/income goals…. weekly and daily?

2. Action:

  • Focus on “behaviors” which produce your desired results—while also addressing distractions, low priorities and time wastersthat “steal” our valuable time away from sales. (Make a “contract” or agreement with yourself to stay focused on what activities & action steps get you results.)


  • At the end of the week: Evaluate your “achievements.” What behaviors and techniques allowed you to achieve your weekly goals?
  • What, if any, problems or setbacks did I encounter? How will I address/overcome them ?
  • Did I make the “right choices” with my time this week?
  • What can I learn from this week to be better Organized next week & the week after?

The “Pay-Off.”  When you follow these 3 step components, every week…you will see an increase in your productivity and ultimately, your results.

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