Kash Sales Brief: The “AS WE AGREED TO LETTER”

Problem: good intentions, incomplete communications and missed expectations typically create delays, misunderstandings, misinterpretations and missed closing opportunities.

 So, what do we do to be better in our communication to get agreements & commitments?

We must adopt a clearly written letter/email that spells out the “expectations” for “Both Parties” regarding:  What is needed and expected, as a next step!

Solution: It is the: “AS WE AGREED TO LETTER.”

(This avoids the “I think I know what is going to happen; OR…You think you know what we are going to do or, have to do next” …mind-reading or assumptions- don’t count.


Brief correspondence. Used as a summary of agreed to “next steps and expectations” of BOTH parties.

It is simple but effective. It contains the “moving forward” expectations in “Bullet-points.” It has date specific deadlines or agreements…so the process DOES NOT GET STALLED.

It works extremely well in advance of your “NEXT” step/meeting/agreement.

Dear Mary,

We covered a lot of issues in our meeting today. As we agreed to, here is the recap and next steps in the process: (example below)

FOR EXAMPLE: Possible Bullet Points

  • The problems (impact/consequences/$ cost) you have uncovered that the prospect NEEDS to ADDRESS or FIX
  • The budget or “$$$ range” you need to stay within
  • All the decision makers who will need to be involved & present
  • Samples or Demo or some tangible evidence to share
  • Last (but not least) the agreed to & anticipated date & time when the next meeting (with an agenda) will be held…as well as your expectation(s.)

Result: You can “control” many steps of the sales process and help eliminate misunderstandings while gaining agreed to commitments using the “AS WE AGREED TO LETTER.”

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