Sales Manager’s Corner: Start Off Right – The First 90 Days

You’ve just hired a new salesperson. Now what? How do you get them productive…quickly? It starts with you the sales manager.

New hires look for leadership. Their initial results will be potentially meager, so lead by example. Success is what they’ll attract…by the salesperson they become. Teach them accountability and discipline, because lack of discipline in the first 90 days causes disasters.

Here’s a brief checklist for those first 90 days:

  • Establish clear STANDARDS of performance
    • Define and review the expected results of the job
  • Define & Track Behavior and Activities
    • What get’s measured, what gets done…put it in your CRM
  • Require activity/call reports
    • Have them track details of appointments and calls within your CRM
  • Review Progress: Coaching & Couseling
    • Ask: “What did you do right?” and “What would you do differently next time?”
  • Product Technical Training
    • Use to create confidence, competence and credibility, not necessarily expertise in the beginning.
  • Sales Training
    • Prospecting, Skills, Development, System/Reinforcement, Role Playing
  • Hands on Training IN THE FIELD

Finally, you need to measure progress every 30 days. Formally review their progress. Discuss learning, improvements, tracking, results, sales pipeline, strategies and next steps.

Now for the difficult part: At each 30 day interval be prepared to make a decision: Go or “No Go” with the new person. Why? You, as a sales manager, are measured for the results of your people. The longer a poor performer is with you…the more difficult it is for most managers to replace them. Expect success…plan for it, hold everyone accountable and the results will come. Start the off correctly: 90 day plans.

“I hold it more important to have the players’ confidence than their affection.” – Vince Lombardi

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